Bloomberg LP

Software Engineer Industrial Placement

Team: Feeds (Central EU), Software Infrastructure

Project: Feeds Handler Code Generator

  • Spearheaded migration to a Python codebase for leveraging Jinja to decouple templates from logic.
  • Presented to developers and managers in London and New York offices; received the go-ahead and built upon feedback.
  • Collaborated with Feed Developers to pilot the tool for the Tel-Aviv Stock Exchange Feed Handler project.
  • Designed a modular mechanism for incremental code generation to provide a flexible experience for developers.
  • Proactively took part in training courses to learn about new technologies and their roles in other parts of the company.
  • Studied C++ move semantics through training courses; adopted this for optimising the generated code to reduce latency.

Leveraged knowledge in Python (data model, metaprogramming), C++ and API design.