Work Experience

Bloomberg LP
Sofware Engineer

Team: FDK (Feeds Developer Kit), Software Infrastructure

Bloomberg LP
Software Engineer Industrial Placement
Python C++

Team: Feeds (Central EU), Software Infrastructure

Project: Feeds Handler Code Generator

  • Spearheaded migration to a Python codebase for leveraging Jinja to decouple templates from logic.
  • Presented to developers and managers in London and New York offices; received the go-ahead and built upon feedback.
  • Collaborated with Feed Developers to pilot the tool for the Tel-Aviv Stock Exchange Feed Handler project.
  • Designed a modular mechanism for incremental code generation to provide a flexible experience for developers.
  • Proactively took part in training courses to learn about new technologies and their roles in other parts of the company.
  • Studied C++ move semantics through training courses; adopted this for optimising the generated code to reduce latency.

Leveraged knowledge in Python (data model, metaprogramming), C++ and API design.

Imperial College London
Undergraduate Teaching Assistant (UTA)

I took on the UTA role in the Personal Mathematics Tutorials (PMTs) to support the learning experience of 1st Year Computing Students in their Logic, Reasoning about Programs, Discrete Mathematics, and Graphs and Algorithms courses.

  • Prepared and delivered 1-hour weekly tutorials to a cohort of 7-8 students.
  • Marked the students' weekly tutorial submissions with constructive feedback.
Cathay Pacific Airways
Hong Kong
IT Intern, Solutions Centre
AWS iOS (Swift) Java (Android) Python JavaScript

An 8-week internship at the New Technology Exploration team.

Worked on the following projects:

  • CI/CD Introductory Course: Wrote a self-study course for newcomers to familiarise themselves with the public cloud operations and DevOps practices at Cathay Pacific. Developed a core understanding of cloud computing, DevOps and technologies within the DevOps stack (Jenkins, OpenShift, Kibana).

  • DeepLens Exploration: Explored the possibility of integrating AWS DeepLens into a business use case for Cathay Pacific operations. Studied the general cloud computing concept and the specific IoT and edge computing solutions from AWS in IoT Core and Greengrass respectively. Worked with the actual DeepLens device to develop a Python Lambda that achieves on-device face detection and sentiment analysis.

  • Hackathon Portal: Participated in agile software development as a developer in the scrum team. Refined technical skills through building backend RESTful services for the admin panel and QR event registration, writing scripts for automating production-build tasks using Gulp and working on the event registration QR scanner iOS app. Applied the Scrum framework throughout the two 2-week sprints, from discussing story points during sprint planning to reflections during sprint retrospectives.

  • Cathay Moments: Revamped the main activity view of the Android app to complement the existing iOS version and implement dynamic content rendering based on data stored on AWS S3.

  • SeatCX: Worked with another 3 interns in applying design thinking methodologies to develop a customer-facing solution for Cathay Pacific. Identified existing pain points of swapping seats on board, developed a functional prototype of a seat-swapping portal using websockets and presented the solution to an audience of interns and managers.